Om bi- og hvepsestik

Bee-Patch - a Danish innovation 
Bee-Patch, a Danish company, has developed a patch for treating bee and wasp stings. As early as 2006, the company owner, Martin Wenckens, MSc, Ph.D., came up with the idea of a patch with a built-in sugar cube. In other words, he took a familiar household remedy and packaged it in a practical, modern way.  
Bee-Patch is an exceedingly simple solution to a common problem in the summer months. The simplest ideas are often the best ones. After a couple of years of developmental work, Martin applied for patents to secure and maintain the patch’s powerful properties. Patch with the special ability to draw out venom through the skin and greatly relieve pain and swelling do not currently exist worldwide. This product is therefore a world news item!


Current trials constitute the first attempt worldwide to determine whether or not a plaster can draw bee venom out of test subjects. Authorised by the Research Ethics Committee and the Danish Medicines Agency, these tests are being conducted from February to May 2009. Test results will of course be published and listed on this website.

Bee-Patch – for children and grownups  
around the world

During the summer of 2008, Martin decided to establish his own company to produce and market the patch. In the future, the patch will be marketed under the name Bee-Patch.

To the delight – and relief – of children and grownups unfortunate enough to be stung every summer by bees and wasps, there is Bee-Patch!

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