Om bi- og hvepsestik

A patch with sugar inside 
Bee-Patch works just like a sugar cube. Inside the patch there is a patented membrane made of sugar. If you get stung, remove the stinger, put a drop of water or spit on the injury, and cover the spot with the patch. The sugar in the patch contacts your skin and uses osmosis to draw the venom through your skin and into the patch’s sugar membrane.

Instant pain relief 
The patch must be applied immediately after a bee or wasp stings you. If too much time is allowed to pass after you were stung, the venom will spread through your skin, making it difficult to draw out the poison. The patch has a soothing effect just 15 minutes after application. However, to draw out as much venom as possible, the patch must be worn for one hour. 

Bee-Patch relieves your pain and limits heavy swelling and itching over the next few days. Bee-Patch’s design guarantees that the sugar will not attract other bees and wasps during the one-hour treatment period. 

Twenty years ago on the Danish TV show “Animals are our friends”, Poul Thomsen allowed himself to be stung by a wasp. See video. 

In 2009 the experiment was repeated with Jacob Willson at the danish Radio station ”Radio 100FM”.
Se and hear the funny part here.


Pain relief occurs within 15 minutes, and swelling after the sting is drastically reduced.

Application and side effects 
Both children and adults can use Bee-Patch. It is being tested exclusively on adults, but the patch can of course also be used by children. 

Bee-Patch is tested solely on people; laboratory animals were not used in the development of this patch, with the exception of the bees used in the clinical trials.


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